SET UP For my 913D2 Driver

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Vancliff J

I just bought a 913D2 Driver with the Bassara 50 Shaft Stiff.

I do not now have access to a fitter and would very much like to get your opinion on the "best" set up for me.

My Driver SS is 89-92 mph with moderate tempo and slightly positive a of a. My misses tend to be hooks.

I have the follwing shafts left over from my 910D2 days:

(1) Diamana Kai'li 65 Regular

(2)Diamana Kai'li 65 Stiff

(3)Graphite Design  50 Regular.

They are all 45" since I have found my Smash Factor is good at this length.

I would like to use one of these shafts in my Club Tournament this weekend.

Which shaft and setting would you recommend?  I will go get fitted later.


AC RixRox

Wow, in your golf shoes, IMHO, I would recommend you dial in the Bassara. Especially if it is a W series with the Griffin. It is similar in profile to your Kai'li and should give you outstanding flight, penetration and consistency like your Kai'li.

 I hit only Kai'li and Bassara W series "Wyevern"  so without your fitter, especially if he is good to your clubs I would, for the moment, "dial in" swing the Bassara if it is a W series The one with the medieval griffin on it. Someone mentioned B1. I would dial in B1 and see how she feels and flies. You might be very surprised. For, me the W series Bassara is a sleeper, cheaper kai'li only red and black. My $.02 cents worth. Fairways and greens, always!


Ron R

I'm not sure how tall you are. I'm 5' 6" and was fitted at Golfsmith for A1 position. I was hitting a lot of low hooks. I changed to the C4 position and LOVE the consistent draw ball flight. Bassara 50 shaft is a must. Good luck!

Kenneth Y

I bought a 913 D2 and my coach (an expert fitter had  Crazy Clubs in Scottsdale) re-shaft it with an

Accura M3-55+, I inch +.  Great club and great shaft. 


I also bought 3 Vokey Wedges and he had them re-shafted with Acro Tech, Steel Fiber i95 X shafts.

Great shaft.