Refinishing a 910 driver

Started by : Adam S |

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Adam S

I put a large scratch on the crown of my driver yesterday with an alignment stick. Where can I send the club to be refinished? Does Titleist offer this?

Greg P

Run your fingernail over the scratch.  If your nail catches on the scratch or if you can see bare metal, you will probably need to have it finished professionally by a club repair shop. Otherwise, you might be able to buff it out with some automotive cleaner wax, polishing compound, or rubbing compound.  These are listed in order of aggressive abrasiveness of the products.  Try the least abrasive first.  If one doesn't work, move on to the next.  Then finish with a coat of wax.  You might get most of the scratch out through this process.

Auto wax is also great for cleaning up tee/scuff marks on the sole.  (Yeah, I'm that crazy.)  Shines like new.