AP1 710 Gap Wedge

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Can I still order a 710 AP1 gap wedge? If so, how long is the lead time?



I'm thinking of ordering the 712 AP1 Gap Wedge. Is there much of a difference between the 710 & the 712?

Don O

LOL.. You'll probably have 712 envy for the rest....  Using the same shaft, the 712 should work nicely. 

Have you considered using a Vokey to match to the SW rather than the AP1 to match the PW?  It's an option.  With all the loft options, you can get an exact fit in the gap from PW to SW.


I've tried the Vokey 50* and can't seem  to get the right distance from it. I just ordered the AP1 712 GW. This should work out just fine. Now on to my next project... A Scotty putter!!!