Stolen Golf Club

Started by : Joshua S |

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Joshua S

I play the Titleist AP2 712 and my pitching wedge was recently stolen...does Titleist do anything as far as repacing stolen clubs?

Ken W

Sorry about that. Almost everyone has lost or had a club stolen if you've been playing a while. Titleist can build you a replacement to the exact specs based on the rest of your set. Just take your 6 iron with the serial number engraved to any authorized Titleist dealer. You can also buy a Vokey wedge with 46 or 48 degrees of loft.

David Browning

You can order another PW. If they were custom clubs, you can give your Titleist rep the serial # off one of your clubs and that's all they'd need. 

Sorry to hear about your club being stolen. That's why I NEVER let my clubs leave my sight. However, the club's pretty trustworthy. Stuff like this doesn't happen.