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Gustavo Guimarães

I need help to get my irons and woods grips thicker, should i regrip them with the 0.560 grip original from titleist instead of buying the midsize from golfpride? I know the shafts are 0.600 core, so with the 0.560 would be almost the same then regrip with a 0.600 midsize?

Ken W

Hopefully, the number on the end of the grip is actually .580, not .560. .580 is what Titleist generally uses as the stock men's size where .560 is ladies. A Golf Pride midsize grip is +1/16 of an inch thicker than men's standard. You will need 3 extra wraps of grip tape to build the Titleist grip up to this size. Make sure you use grip tape and not masking tape for building up. Standard masking tape is much thinner.

Mike C

I prefer my grips a little thicker as well and simply use a couple of extra wraps of tape beneath the grip to get the thinkness I require.  You can do this with a couple of grips to test and see what thickness (i.e., how many wraps of tape) works best for you, then regrip the entire set.  It does not take but a wrap of two generally to build it up depending upon the thickness of the tape, etc.