Spin Milled C-C or SM4...whats the difference

Started by : Chris P |

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Chris P

Recently had my Spin Milled C-C 48* Vokey stolen and need to replace it.  Not having any luck finding the same club.  Is there any diffence I will find if I go to the SM4 model?


Lou G

I had SM c-c 50-08, 54-11, 54-14, 58-04, 62-07 between early 2011- thru May 2012.  

What I can say about the SM4 60-10 is that it actually stops the ball better than my SM c-c 62-07. 

Sole profile-wise, the SM c-c 54-11 has more of a full sole vs the SM4 54-11.  Again, the latter stops the ball better.

With the exception of the 48, 50,52,54-14. 56-14, 58-12 and 64-07, the SM4 wedges have a different sole profile vs the SM c-c. 

Chris P

Thanks...picked up a SM4 this morning.