Update: Prototype Titleist AP1, AP2, CB and MB irons (714 Series)

They look sweet!! Can't wait to put them in play!!!!!

Brian K


This whole line of 714's look amazing!  Do you know Titleist will be sending Left Handed fitting demo's AP2's and CB's to local club fitters (PGA Tour Superstore or Golf Galaxy) come November?

Thank you, 


Hi Brian, The LH heads for the new irons will be available at any fitter that has a Surefit Cart or bigger fitting matrix.  Most of the PGA Tour Superstores will receive the LH heads and some of the GG will also get them, depending on the size of their matrix.  You can check that out at:  http://www.titleist.com/find-a-golf-shop/.  Put in your town or zipcode and click on the fitting center tab.  When it brings up Type, check off SureFit Cart and Advanced Fitting Center and it will bring up all the places that will receive the LH fitting heads.

I want them so so bad. AP2 for me.

hey I just got the 712 cbs in the bag. Looking at photos of the 714 series cbs, I found little to no difference in address look or at any angle. is the only difference strictly cosmetic?


I heard all the new 714's were satin instead of the bright chrome.  I tried to wait but I just couldn't.  I got some MB's last month and wow.  I never thought anything would compare to my 99 Hogan Apex's, but actually these things are better.  They are easier to hit and just plain beautiful to look at... 


God Bless...

MB's look awesome but, the AP2's look to sexy to be sleeping in bed alone.

Thanks Mike!!  I have a "General" question for you.  I currently play the AP1/712's with the GD Tour Graphite shafts in regular.  My miss seems to be a slight "pull/hook".  I know this will be hard to answer, but here goes.....I have had 6 back surgeries and prior to those surgeries I was as low as a scratch golfer.  Now, I am playing to 10 but have days that I shoot 75 or 76!  

Do you think I could seriously consider the AP2/714's with a shaft like the Project X 5.0 or 5.5?  Or maybe just stick with the AP1/714's with the Project X 5.0 or 5.5?  I normally play about a 5-7 yard draw with my irons.  

My Driver club head speed is only 90mph and I was playing a regular shaft but have switched to a stiff (project X shaft) shaft and I actually picked up 3mph and quite a bit of extra distance!!!  

I just want my dispersion rate to go down and am hoping the AP2's with the Project X 5.0-5.5's will help do that!!

Just wanted you thoughts!

Thanks so much and God bless, Todd