Custom Shafts for 714 Irons

I was thinking about buying a set of 714 AP2s in the future. My friend has KBS Tour 90s in his irons and I love them. I'm pretty sure they had the C-Tapers and the Tours for custom order in the 712 range, and I was hoping they might make the Tour 90s available as well. It would be a hands down purchase if I could get the 90s in them.

Hi Henry,  All the shafts we offer have to pass an extensive shaft testing protocol and at this time, the Tour 90's have not done that. We may be able to offer them in the future, but we don't have a timetable. 

Hi Cathi,

Do you know if the KBS C Taper Lite will be an option with the 714's? 

Hi Tae,  Those shafts are still in the testing process, so at this time, they are not available.  We don't have a timetable on how soon all the flexes might pass testing as many OEM's are trying to get shafts through the testing process and it does take a while. 


do you know if the Project X 95 shafts will be offered in the 714 line??  

Hi Chris,  The PX 95 is in line to undergo our shaft testing, but, has not yet started the process. 

You may also want to look into our new XP95 shafts.  They are a constant weight shaft with a lower balance point so, even though it is only 101 grams in the S300 flex, it will swingweight at D1 in both the AP1 and the AP2 heads.  It will provide a mid-high launch.

A mid launching lightweight alternative would be the NS pro 970. 


Do we know what shaft could be replacing theProject X 6.0 Flex in the new 714 AP2?

@Cathi - If the XP 95 swingweights at D1 in the new irons, do you know how much the swingweight would increase if I played them +0.5 inches longer than standard? Does your shaft testing indicate any risks to the optimally engineered flighting and clubhead design by playing +0.5?

Second question: Can I order them directly from the factory with the shafts pured so I don't have to have them retro-pured?

I'm basically sold on AP1 714s 4i - 9i for my next set. I've tested the AP1 712s and am just waiting for the new ones. Replacing a set of custom TA3s that I had made 11 years ago.

At 1/2" longer than standard you can request anywhere from D3 to D5.  We do build studies on all lengths to make sure heads and shafts will perform properly.  Lengthening a club 1/2" is not a problrm.

We don't offer puring on shafts so unfortunately, if you do want them pured, you will have to do it after-market.  We have done studies on puring with our PGA pros and amateurs and we were not able to measure a discernable difference in puring, so it is not something we offer.

Cathi,I had a set of 714 AP2 with KBS Pro shaft.They went soo high that I was loosing 2 clubs distance.I sold them.I love the Ap2 & want to buy another set.Can you suggest a shaft that wont soo high in the AP2. Thanks

Hi Don,  Sounds like you like the feel of KBS, just not the flight.  Have you tried the C Taper? or PX?  I am assuming that you don't like the feel or weight of DG?  All three of those shafts would produce a lower ball flight than the std KBS Tour shaft on a robot.  It would be a question of feel and preference.

As always, we would recommend going to a fitter near you that could work with you on your shaft selection.  Our regional fitter, Kyle Cronkright is in the Fort Worth area at Jim McLeans center and he will have all these options available for a fitting. - his number is; 817.303.4370 and Steve Russell is at our Advanced center at Leonard Golf Links - 817.560.0200