When is the time to replace your wedges?

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george t

I think my Vokey's are 3, maybe 4, years old. They were the last version made before the ruling on conforming grooves, but I don't play anywhere were this is a requirement. Anyways, on full swings, I still get pretty good drop & stop performance, but I'm starting to notice a little less check on shorter chips. Would this be an indicator that it's time to change?

I guess my question is would worn, non-conforming wedges actually produce less spin than new conforming wedges?

Mike C

I generally replace my wedges every year and 1/2 or so based upon the wear.  These clubs get a lot of use both on the course and in practice.  When I went from the "old" grooves to the SM4 grooves, I waited longer than usual because I believed the old grooves would still have better contact with the ball and I was apprehensive about switching to the SM4 grooves.

Once I made the switch to the SM4 grooves, I did not look back.  These had a much better grip on my ball than the older, worn grooves on my old wedges.  Based upon my experience, I would not be concerned with moving to the SM4 grooves as they were a definate improvement over the worn clubface on my older wedges.

As an added bonus, replacing the wedges gives me a chance to design new wedges from Wedgeworks.  If you have not done this before, I would definately check it out.