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Peter H

I am a 7 handicap player and I have vokey wedges. I have a 48, 52, 56, and 60 and hit my 56 about 95 yards, my 60 about 75 yards, my 52 about 105, and my 48 about 128. I always have a shot about 108 to 120 and I can't ever get the ball close. I have tried chocking down on my 48 but I usually hit it fat and i can never get anything extra out of my 52. I don't know what I should do? Should I get rid of my 52 and replace it with a 50 or something? 

Nate S

absolutely not! Most pros won't hit a full wedge shot ever and they almost always prefer to hit 3/4 short irons because it is easier to control. Try hitting a 3/4 P when you're in between 108 and 128 the more you practice those shots the better you'll get at them.

Dr. Kovatchian

Practice those 50-120 yard Shots More Often...rather than banging out drivers at the range.

My best practice sessions are when i decide to take 2 wedges a putter and my shag bag to the course.

Try to create as many different scenarios as possible and hit all those shots....test yourself by finishing out your shots with the putter.....narrow that focus a bit.


Dr. K


If you've paid attention during recent FedEx Cup coverage, you've heard about the Pelz swing that PM uses.  I developed a similar concept because of a hole on a course I played frequently over the past few years.  It's a waist-high swing (arms, not club) shot that can be adapted for whatever distance needed, simply by changing the club.  For me, I hit my 58 degree Vokey 50-55, my 54 degree Vokey 60-65, my AP2 gap wedge 70-75, and so forth up through the 7 iron.  It's a simple swing that produces hop and stop shots most of the time.  Try it out and I think you'll find it will provide you the answer you're seeking.