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Trey C

I currently play all titleist exept my putter which I use a never compermise. I really been thinking about switching to a Scotty Cameron but just can't decide. Can anyone give me some information on what the Scotty Cameron would do for me or how it could be better then the putter I'm currently using.



Does Scotty Cameron has a face balance putter?



What do you currently play and like?  Scotty Cameron can cover ANY putter & putting style.  I have a 2002 Pro Platinum Newport Mil-Spec and 2004 Circa 62.   The reason for 2 is for different contrasts of green speed.  On slower greens I use the Circa 62.  On faster, the Mil-Spec.  It is just the way I feel when standing over the ball with certain speeds.  Have success with BOTH putters, and would never change!

I am sending both in for restoration this winter.  I payed wholesale for them as I worked at a country club at the time in HS.  It will cost me MORE to have each restored, but I know it is time, and they will come back looking just as good as new!  That is another thing you will not find with any other putter company.  The ability to restore a piece of art!

I hope this helps you out a little.  I am NOT a mallet putter guy, love my blades.  If you do like Mallet's, Scotty has them well covered also!



Cameron D

Scotty does not have any completely face balanced putters.  He believes there should be some arch in the putting stroke, even if it is very little.  The GoLo S and Newport 2.6 offer very minimal toe flow.