Wondering about switching out my AP2 710 with 714MB

I am a player of 5 in hcp and wondering about switching out my AP2 710 with 714MB.

I wonder if I will get me a surprise that these clubs are difficult to play with, or is this transition which will go smoothly?

Alright.  Good for you.  Here's what I would suggest: get a combo set.  3 or 4 iron through 6 in the CB's and then 7-PW in MB's.  You will have much more fun and just as much workability.  This would be the best option because going straight to MB's from AP2's isnt th ebest idea

I am in the same boat.  I'm due for some new weapons from my beat up 710 AP2s...although they shoot like the day they were new.

Not sure I see what's so new about the 714 models to invest another $1200, but going to the CB/MB combo would make a big difference - either really good or really bad...

The MB's are NOT hard to hit.  I play 5-PW one degree strong and they are the easiest blades I've ever hit.  Plenty forgiving and the turf interaction is unreal.

I'd personally still play an alternate 4 iron though as the MB 4 isn't forgiving at all lol.  The 5 iron is super easy to hit, but the 4 is just a different beast all together.  I'd play an AP2 4 and 3 (or hybrid).

Did you try the CBs/MBs at the fitter first to see how they hit?