714 line vs mp line

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Nick B

I love titleist, i play a titleist driver, 3 wood, hybrid, wedges and putter.. My iron choice is still in the making, I love the 714 mbs, cbs and ap2s, but the mp4s aswell.. Not many performance reviews out there. Does anyone know how any of these clubs perform?

Connor I.

Hey Nick, the MP4's are more of a bladed type of iron so they will be less forgiving than say the AP2 or CB. But if you feel comfortable hitting a blade than I would definitely go for the 714mb because they are just about the best blade on the market in my honest opinion. Hope this helps!



steve m

Nick love all the choices of irons here. My personal love will be the mp4 have them on order.....can't wait for them. The feel is better for me than the mbs. Not going to be any reviews since they haven't hit the market yet but any day on the mp4, MBS will be early Nov

Nick B

Mp4s are new musclebacks, google them

Greg A

right... the MP4 is miz's latest blade iron.

Beautiful clubs... personally, I would love to see Titleist re-issue the Titleist 680s