714 AP2 Lightweight Shafts

Will the 714 AP2 be available with the GS95 shaft ?



A standard shaft that will be readily available will be the True Temper XP95.  It weighs 99 gram (R300) and 101 (S300)

You can order the GS95 as an "off menu" shaft in R300 and S300, but we ask that once the order has been placed that you not cancel or make any changes to the order.  We would quote you 2-3 weeks on getting the GS95 shaft, but depending on True Temper's inventory,they might take longer to get that shaft to us. 

Cathi:  am looking at purchasing the new AP2 714 irons.  I currently use the original AP2s with Project X 5.0 shafts.  I am a senior player and can hit it pretty high. I probably release a bit too early.   I am interested in the new XP 95 shaft which advertises longer distance but tight dispersion.  However, I am concerned it will launch too high.  What do you think?  I am also wondering if the Dynalite Gold XP and Project X pxi will launch too high.  If they all launch too high that leaves me back at the Project X 5.0, which is not a bad thing, but was looking for the benefits of the latest technology.  Your thoughts please.  Thx. Scott

Hello Scott

My name is Steve from Zion Golf in Saint George ut. Cathi from Team Titleist contacted me saying you were looking to get fit for 714 ap2 but not sure on what shafts your looking for. I am an authorized fitter for titleist so give me a call at 435-628-3707 and we can get the fitting started.

The XP95 may launch higher than the PX shaft that you currently use, and if you try te PXi, that will also tend to launch a touch higher so you may want to try a 5.5.  But, as all golfers are unique, we would recommend seeing a local fitter in your area to get a fitting and try the shafts before you make a decision. 

Cathie I presently play ap2's with the Dg HL r300 shafts is the new xp95 shaft similar I love the HL shaft and understand it is no longer available. Getting ready to order the 714 AP2 thinking maybe the XP 95 might do the trick.


The HL shaft weighs a little more, 111 vs 99 grams, launches slightly lower and would be in between the Dynalite Gold XP shaft and the XP95 as far as launch and spin.  I would recommend hitting it to see if you like the lighter overall weight.