Titleist AP2 714

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Brian G

Does anyone know when the 714 AP2s will be available to order?

rich b

Always wanted to make the switch to AP2's.  11 handicap.  Are these too much weapon for handicap like me?

Brian G

IMO I think you would be just fine hitting the AP2. I am a believer in getting a club you can grow into. I am a 6 handicap and the Titleist rep was wanting me to play the MB or CB I liked the look and feel of the AP2 better so I went with that. I currently have the 712 AP2's and love them. That being said if the Titleist rep wanted a 6 handicap to hit MB or CB I dont see why you wouldnt be able to play the AP2. Again I suggest getting a club you can grow into. I put in the work and try to get better each year so I dont want a club that suits me now I want a club that is going to force me to get better and will suit me when I am where I want to be in my game.

I cant stand when a golfer who has alot of potential but just hasnt played enough goes out and buys a hybrid set with irons PW-8 and a 7-3 training wheel hybrid iron. This set will last them for a month until they play more and realize the clubs they bought are for someone who has zero cordination and has never swung a golf club in their life.

Bottom Line: Pull the trigger on the AP2s and dont look back. You will love them!

Gabe B

The Titleist AP2's can be ordered now in golf shops everywhere. The will ship in the coming months. As a Titleist Staff member I just received mine in the mail today and they look awesome. I can not wait to get them in the bag.


Great job Team Titleist