Possible to buy half set?

Started by : Chris L |

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Chris L

I'm curious, can one order a half set, say even clubs only (4, 6, 8, P), through a local retailer?


You certainly can, but it will depend on the retailer. Most of the big box stores will only carry full sets. Your best bet is to go to a local PGA Professional and have him order the clubs you want. They tend to be a lot more flexible than the larger retail outlets.

Jannik G

Hey Chris, from what i now, you can mix and match as much as you like, you just have to buy at least 5 irons :)


My next set order will be 5-PW AP2 714's.

Will probably order them later this week.


Greg J

Sure you can. You can also get the half set personally fit to you at an authorized Titleist fitting location at no extra charge.   

Chris L

Thanks both for the answer!  I have a full set of cavity backs right now but I really want to put together a Sunday bag of blades and I'm thinking 3 wood, 4/6/8/P irons, and then my Vokey gap and sand wedges...and a putter of course.  Seems like those 8 clubs in a Sunday bag will get me around my  normal courses pretty well.  Will probably put all clubs but the irons on double duty in both bags, but I like playing blades just for fun so thinking this could be a good setup.