My Hand Ground Vokeys

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Stephen M

Hey Team Titleist, I'm a certified Vokey nut and wanted to share some of my own Hand Ground Vokey's. I did purchase a 60E Hand Ground from WedgeWorks and it is phenomenal. Mr. Vokey if you need an inspired grinder, Please have some one let me know! Thanks for looking. Members, let me know what you think of these...

Stephen M

Thanks Ken W. I just finished a square toe & beveled edge top lie on this 60-07 SM4


Wow they look amazing! Great work! Vokey wedges are truly the best in the business as are all Titleist products. 

Dr. Kovatchian



Christian G

Nice work.  Those look really cool.  

Mike C

Way to kick it up a notch!

Great work on the wedges, they look awesome.  Wish I had the skill set to do that type of work, I would probably lose a couple of wedges (and possibly a couple of fingers) if I tried to hand grind my wedges.


Johnny C

very clean work!  how long have you been fiddling with grinding your wedges?

Stephen M

Thanks Guys, I attempted the ultimate test. Copy my real Hand Ground E Grind to my beloved Tour Issue Dec. 2010 E Grind. It was pretty scary to grind on this collectors item...Before Pic


Stephen M

Johnny C

very clean work!  how long have you been fiddling with grinding your wedges?

Thanks, I've been grinding wedges for a few years now. Started with buying old beat up clubs and reconditioning them. I'm a long time gear head and have always tinkered with my stuff, whether its engines or golf equipment. I have developed a real passion for shaping these wedges and will continue to post my projects. When I get my hands on some good equipment, it will be on. For now these are done with hand held tools. I really appreciate everyone's input! Steve


All gorgeous pics! Wow! I would not be able to grind that well even if I knew what I was doing!! LOL

Chris L

Wow, these look really nice!  Well done, great finish. 

I just tried grinding a wedge for the first time last week.  I have had a 56.11 wedge for a while that was great out of the bunker but never really got on with it for much else.  I gave it some heel/toe relief and ground the leading edge similar to what you did on that 54*.  It has been working great ever since, so much better off the turf than before, I'm absolutely loving this wedge now and it's replacing my 50* as my favorite greenside club.  

Mine doesn't look nearly as good as yours because all I had was a dremel tool and some sand paper to work with, but it worked much better than I expected it would for my first try so I was happy with the results.  Hand ground Vokeys are, unfortuantely, out of my price range, but I sure would love a set if I could afford them.  It's amazing what a little sole grinding can do for a wedge. 

Stephen M

Thought I'd do one for the ladies, since it's breast cancer awareness month! Subtle heel relief, pre-worn leading edge, and beveled top line.


Stephen M

My latest Hand Ground project

Dan H

Pretty awesome man, great work!!!

Josh G

Great work!  


Nice work!  I'm planning to pick up some old clubs to play around with and try to learn different things.  But I have a long way to get your level!  Keep up the good work.

Stephen M

Thanks Guys! I appreciate it!!