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Dan C

Just wondering what everyone likes to play.  I am a junior golfer in the state of SC and here is whats in my bag:

Driver:  Titleist 913D3 8.5* Motore Speeder Tour Spec VC 6.0-Stiff

Woods:  Titleist 913F 15* Aldila RIP Phenom 80g-Stiff

Hybrid:  Titleist 913H.d 18* Project X HD3 Tour Issue 6.0

Irons:  miz MP-64 3-P Project X 6.0 +1/2"

Wedges:  Vokey TVD M 50* 54* 60* Brushed Chrome w/ Initials in TVD Red and Tour Saw in Black/Red on the toe (Vokey Custom on the toe of the 60 which has snow stamping) Red Wedgeworks Shaft Band Project X 6.0 +1/2"

Putter:  Scotty Cameron GoLo 34" Super Stroke Ultra Slim grip

Ball:  Titleist ProV1x (I prefer the 2012 model)

Glove: FJ StaSof

Grips:  Lamkin Crossline Full Cord Midsize with two wraps of tape

Bag: Titlieist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag in Red and Black.

**I do have 15 clubs but I rotate either the 3 iron, hybrid or a wedge based on what course I am playing.  I do this because I play in many tournaments at many different courses of many different yardages.

Please ask any questions you may have!


Dan C.

Ryan P

Nice. Where do you get your clubs from???

Mark N

Ap2 712 4-PW KBS C-Taper stiff

SM4 60,54,52 KBS Tour wedge shafts 

913 d2 9.5 UST 4U Stiff shaft

913 3 wood UST 3 stiff shaft

913 h 19 UST hybrid shaft

Scotty Cameron newport 2

Pro V 1x 

John L

913D3 7.5 with a fujikara tour spec 7.2 vc x-stiff or 910d3 with oban devotion xtiff

910 fd 13.5 with a fujikara tour spec 8.2vc x-stiff or 909f 13.5 adilla xstiff

712u 2 iron bent to 16 degrees loft x100 shaft or 910f 18 degree with proforce 85 xtiff

3-pw 712mb with tour issue x100 shafts or 3-pw 712 bent 1 degree strong with x100 shafts

50 vokey sm4 x100 shaft 

56 vokey sm4 x100 shaft  or 56 vokey cc x100 shaft and 60 with wedge flex shaft

scotty cameron select newport 2 34inch cut to 33.25 or newport 2.6

fj glove or titleist glove

golf pride multi compound grips orange or white

fj sport shoes hard soles and soft soles multiple colors

orange stand bag or a tour staff bag

i have a practice/travel set and the other is my competition set.

cheers greens and fairways to all 


i plan to get the new scotty cameron putter this year as well as a new driver and fairway when they come out in fall.

p.s. i hope the next d3 is a little lower spinning.

Lou G

Lou G

TM 2007 Burner HT draw driver M flex 44.5" (Dri Tac Lite oversize grip).

TM 2007 Burner 3 and 7 woods (1" short, Dri Tac Lite oversize grip)

TM 2007 Burner Rescue 4-22 hybrid (1/2" short, Winn Excel RF midsize grip)

TM Superfast 1.0 5-24 and 6-27 hybrids (1/2" short, Winn Excel RF midsize grip)

Sumo2 SQ -7-34 hybrid Diamana R flex std length (Excel RF midsize grip)

AP1 9 iron DG R flex 1/2" short  1/2* upright on 9 and PW (Excel RF midsize grip).

SM4 48-06 54-11 and 60-10 1* strong (1/2* and 1* upright).

SM4 64-07 1* upright

White Hot 7H putter 35" 2* upright.

Reserve clubs -  Snake Eyes Q5 31* hybrid, Sumo2 SQ 5-26 and 6-30 hybrids, Louisville HL3 persimmon 34* hybrid, AP1 8 and PW irons. 

I finally broke 40 for 9 holes in May (par 37) and followed up with 40 on a par 36 course of the same length in 2013.  Had a +1 score at National City in March 2013 and Feb 2014 (par 34 2200 yards).  I pretty much shoot in the mid 80s with this bag on a regulation 6200 yard course.  Missed a hole in one by a foot at National City with the 48-06.


 The above is updated.  I've had the driver and putter over 3 years now.  The fairways and hybrids are a reversion to my 2011 setup.  It is a mix-mash of clubs  and is hardly a "traditional" bag but what is important is that it WORKS.  I recently acquired the SM4 48-06 (tweaked it to 35.5" and 47* loft) and it actually hits the same distance as my AP1 PW (set at 46*), it stops the ball better and is better around the greens. The 54-11 and 60-10 have been my short game mainstays for 2 years now.  I'm pretty deadly with the 9 iron and it is a go to club.

Patrick H

Titleist 913D3 9.5* Fubuki Tour Cobra Amp Cell 17* png G15 20* hybrid cally RAZR X Forged 4-AW Titleist sm 54* oil can Titleist sm 60* oil can Bettinardi BB53c BLACK Titleist stand bag Pro V1x

Michael J

Currently bagging:

Driver - Tour Issued Super LS 9.5* w/ Fujikura Motore F3 90x

3w - Xhot 15* w/ Fujikura Motore F3 90x

Airmuscle 21* w/ PX 6.5

2011 TP CB 5-PW w/ PX 6.5

CG 14 52* and 58* wedges

Metal X #9 putter

Titleist Pro V1x ball

Really looking to pick up a set of AP2 irons and some oil can vokey wedges to replace what I am using now. Going to build both with either recoil 125 shafts or the RIP 115.

Jamie L

Driver: 913D2 9.5*- Aldila Phenom 60-S

3 Wood: 910Fd 15*- Fujikura Motore F3-S

Hybrid: 910H 21*- Fujikura Motore F3-S

Irons: AP2 710 4-GW- TT Dynalite XP S300 (soft stepped)

Wedges: Vokey SM4 56* (bent to 55*) and 60*- TT Dynamic Gold R300

Putter: Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2.5- 32"


I also have a 910 D2, 909DComp, back up 910Fd and Hybrid, 980F, 585H, 731PM's, Vokey 200's, another SS Newport 2.5 and a Futura.  I have 2 additional Driver shafts just in case my gamer betrays me.   


Diane O

Sun Mountain 3.5 Stand Bag

RBZ Stage Two Driver Rocket Fuel Reg shaft

RBZ Stage two Rescue 19 degree Rocket Fuel Hybrid Shaft Reg.

 X Hot Fairway metal 15 degree Project X Velocity Shaft Reg.

Tour Preferred CB Irons 4-AW, TT Gold, Steel XP Shaft Reg

RC Wedges 56, 60

White Ice Putter 33" Length blade model

FJ Wesathersof Glove(s)

Titleist Pro V1 Balls

Bushnell Pro Range finder

Carlo Angelo

913 D2 9.5*                   712 AP2 4/5 iron                                          ProV1X

910F 15*                       712 CB 6-9 iron                                             Titleist Perma Sof gloves

910H 19*                       SM4 Vokey wedges (47*, 52*, 57*)          PURE GRIPS Pure Pro

580H 22*                       Odyssey Metal X DART                               Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag

Ken E.

Driver: Big Bertha Alpha 9º Fubuki ZT

3 Wood: Big Bertha 15º Fubuki Z

Hybrid: 913 H 19º Aldila Phenom 80

Irons: 3-PW 714 AP2 Project X PXi 6.0

Wedges: Vokey TVD 50º / 54º

Putter: 2014 Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 34"

Grips: Lamkin UTx Blue (3 wraps)

Bag: 2014 Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag

Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

Stephen M

AC RixRox

Very nice bag of clubs, indeed! They should help you get the ball where it needs to go. Good luck on the links this year. 

Jacob L

Driver: png G25 10 Grafalloy Bimatrix Stiff

Woods: Titleist 913F 13.5, Aldila Tour Green Stiff, 17 Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana D+ Stiff

Hybrid: Titleist 913H 21 Diamana S+

Irons: Titleist 712 AP2 4-9, Project X 5.5 Hard stepped once

Wedges: Vokey  SM4 47,53,59 

Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 34", SuperStroke Flatso grip

Ball: 2013 Titleist ProV1

Grips: Golf Pride NDMC Limited edition Augusta Green

Bag: Sun Mountain 3.5


Titleist 913D2 8.5 Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 72g stiff Titleist 913F.d 13.5 Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 82g stiff Titleist 913H.d 18 Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 102g stiff +1/4" Titleist AP2 714 3i-9i TT Dynamic Gold (S200) +1/4" & 2 deg. strong Titleist MB 714 pw TT Dynamic Gold (S200) +1/4" & 2 deg. strong Vokey SM4 52/12 TT Dynamic Gold (S200) Vokey SM4 58/06 TT Dynamic Gold (S200) Scotty Cameron Select GoLo S 35" Pro V1 / V1x Titleist premium 14-way standbag...personalized Foot Joy or Titleist gloves (40+ yr. old & 6 handicapper)