They're Here

So are mine.....



Where did u get those TT head covers from? Those are sweet!


Arrived home today to find the new 714' AP2s.  4-GW, DG Tour Issue X100 with New Decade Grips.  Ordered a 712u 4 Iron with the set just for fun to see how it compares to the 414 AP2 4-Iron.  Out of town trip tomorrow for work to they won't get a workout until Saturday morning.  Ready for the fun to begin!

Mine just got here yesterday!!!! Working today, but I do feel like I am coming down with something. So I might need to call a day early. I think the only thing that would help me feel better would be 18 holes of golf and maybe a adult beverage after the round! enjoy the new clubs everyone!!!!!

Mine made it too, unfortunately so has my return to work.  I guess I can make it till Monday to take them for a walk.

Awesome set up...I live in SLC and got my AP2s Thursday. Took them to South Mtn this morning, great weather but the irons are even better! 

The headcovers are custom done by my buddy Rob here in Rhode Island - eBay: scratchgolfer001 

I had a Team Titleist patch that he worked into the 3 wood cover and he does a Titleist 'T' on the Hybrid.  I've got them pretty recently and couldn't be happier. Message him via eBay for any custom work, he does a great job and can do anything. 

That's the great thing about being in Texas; I'm getting a set of AP2s today and I'll be able to hit them immediately!  I can't wait to hit them on the range Thursday and Friday and then start playing them on Saturday and Sunday.

I'm totally excited about finally getting a set of Titleist irons.  I've been playing Titleist woods for YEARS and will not change to another driver.  The Titleist woods are so solid feeling.  I haven't even updated my driver and still hit the ball just as far if not farther than most with a 983E driver.  But I'm getting a 910 today too so we'll see! 

I know, I'm a little behind but its the indian and not the arrow most of the time

Hit em straight Team Titleist.... TT