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Bobby B

I just ordered my new  AP2's last Thursday. When I can I expect them to ship.


If they were custom clubs and all of the components are available, I would expect that they would ship anywhere between 7-10 days after they were ordered. 714 irons are shipping now for retail availability on November 8th. 

Cameron D


If there were not exotic specs on the order, you should expect them in your hands tomorrow.



Don T


 I ordered my AP2's with Kuro Kage shafts in them on 21 Oct. from Golf Galaxy. Can I expect them here in Colorado tomorrow as well??



matthew l

Hi Cameron I ordered 714 with c tapers last month whats your guess on when they should get in?

Marc B

Hello Cameron. 

im fromnetherlands and orderded them last week with project x rilfle 55 shaft. 

Any idea what delivery time for this wil be?

thanks in advance

Kind regards

Marc Bosch

Don T


 Responding to my own post here... Yippee! On the course with new clubs tomorrow. Picking them up in the am. Hope everyone gets their clubs on time. I wasn't so sure but Titleist came thru on launch day!



Cameron D

If you have any questions about your order status, please contact the golf shop you ordered them from or Team Titleist at 1-888-TITLEIST.



Kevin B

I ordered my AP2s in September and they shipped out on 6 Nov.  They arrived to me in Japan today so I will be picking them up from post office tomorrow and off to the range.  Perfect timing for my trip to Guam in two weeks.