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Dr. Kovatchian

Does anyone have any experience building clubs for very young junior players with powerful swings?

Where did you buy the golf shafts?

What club-heads did you choose to use?

My goal is to build a quality driver for my son that we can re-shaft as he grows during his younger junior golf years.

Thanks for all your ideas!

Dr. K

Cameron D

Dr. K,

We do offer our drivers to be built at custom lengths for juniors.  The club heads used would be the standard metals woods in the Titleist line.  

We have a handful of Club Fitters across the country that have fitting tools to assist in fitting junior players.   One of those fitters is located at the Jim McLean Golf Center in Fort Worth (contact info below).  If this is something that you would be interested in, I would recommend contacting them and setting up a fitting appointment. 

Jim Mclean Texas

Regional Fitting CenterWhat is this?

FORT WORTH, TX 76120-3949 (1.5 miles)
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Dr. Kovatchian


Thanks for the info!!!

I'm pretty sure Jack is not ready to be custom fit at age

He has an amazing swing and is doing pretty good with the USKG stuff we have purchased for him.

I have been thinking about building him a better driver based on the USKG fitting system which seems to work well for young kids.

My biggest issue is finding shafts & grips for kids.


Dr. K