913 D2 2014 Shafts

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I am looking to purchase 913 D2 w/Diamana S+ Blue 62 shaft.  Will the stock offering of the 913 D2 2014 shafts change? I have noticed inventory of 913 in GG/PGA/GS have been clearing out. 

Don O

Cameron D

Those stock shafts will stay current through the 913 line.



And the 913 line is in place until around November, 2014.  Titleist, unlike other OEMs that release multiple models in a year, is releasing every other year.  The 714 irons replaced the 712s, and the 913 metal woods replaced the 910s.  So the next driver should be the 915.

Big box retailers may be running down inventory of the good stuff  to promote new sizzle of new releases from other vendors.  ...Maybe I should use something else that promises 10 more yards with each release.  I could have added 40 yards by now.  l-)