Has anyone heard any rumors of a 714U?

keith d
Has anyone heard any rumors of a 714U?

No rumors.  They've mentioned previously there isn't a 714 scheduled with the irons.  But since it is such a specialty item, changes may occur at almost anytime.  If you want to start a rumor, ...will the next one be a 715 or 915 on schedule with D/F/H?

I'm just waiting for the PGA show so I can find out if the test ball I had was released, and what was it. 

Cathi I came out to club tonight to get with Kirk. The clubs are definitely
flat. When Hitting off driving range mat I was striking ball in center of
club face. We do not have any grass tees to hit from . Decided it is a set
up issue on my end. Sorry to have bothered you.