Next Titleist Driver Release?

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Does anyone have any information on when the next release of the Titleist woods are coming out? Also would I be able to put any shaft into a Titleist driver head if I change the connecting/adjustable piece on the end of the shaft? Any information will be greatly appreciated :)


I agree with Doug, the next release will be this fall around November based upon the historical cycles.  I just bought a new Titleist driver loft and I am thrilled with far as shafts if you cannot find a shaft within the custom options of Titleist that works for you I would amazed...they offer a broad array of great options and I have never experienced any problems.  Any other route is not worth the trouble IMHO.

Just my two cents, Good Luck!



I would expect to see a new driver in mid-November of 2014 with fairways to follow in February of 2015. Just a guess based on past equipment releases.


Thanks a tune, for all the information. I'm going to get the next driver that comes out and am saving up to get a top notch specialised shaft. Does the Titleist graph of the different shafts show an accurate enough spin and launch to buy one of the shafts without swinging with it first? Also if anyone has a good idea what driver shaft would suit me best that would be great; I have a mid ball flight with high spin and a distance carry of 250 yards. Thanks a heads :)

Mike C

I would definitely get with a fitter and nail down what works best for your swing. Even though there will be several shafts that will be good matches with you on paper, there is no substitute to actually swinging the shafts to get their feel and watch the ball flight. I would never buy a different shaft then I am playing without swinging if first.

Tom B

Check the web site, under custom clubs.  They have all the shaft options there and specs on spin, and flight.


Like written on other posts around here, if you can't find the right shaft fit here, I'd be floored.   Titleist I think offers more options than anyone else.   Good luck