714 AP2 heavier than I wanted

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Bill R

I ordered a new set of 714 AP2 irons with S300 at +1/4" and specified swing weights as standard as shown on Titleist spec site, at around D2. They came in about 2 weeks ago, I love them but I noticed that they felt heavy.  I finally put them on a scale couple days ago and lightest club are D5. I was hoping to have them at D2/D3 range and I'm wondering if there's an option I could do to bring the SW down to my desired range. I'm not too crazy to butt trim them but can do a little if necessary.

I could send it back to Titleist but I'll be without a set of irons with beginning of tournament season coming up shortly. Ordering another set then selling this set is an option but expensive.

Bill R

Thanks for the reply. I'll talk to my club pro but I will play with them for a week or so to see if I can get used to them before proceeding. Not really a big deal this time as I've hit lot of good shots with them. Good day to you.


I agree with Cathi...D5 sounds strange...unless you have a really lightweight grip they should only be about one swingweight heavier...

Fortunately Titleist stands behind their clubs and will take them back to make the correct.  I have a 712U iron that came in unusually high on the swingweight scale and they not only took it back they re-made the club (this is probably not typical but the fact they did this without asking me is great) ... incredible customer service!


Chuck Z

Got a set of 714 AP2s in November with XP95 s300 shafts 1 inch over and mid-size grips.  Maybe I should check mine.  Mine do not feel any heavier.  My previous set was project X 5.5 same set up AP2s....  Of course all my shafts on 910D, 913F, and 910/913H are heavier.....so probably would not notice.....if weather would cooperate I know I would enjoy them more...even the ranges are closed....want to get comfortable with them.....

Bill R

I talked to my club pro who's on Titleist staff, his set is identical to mine's with exception of his upright lie angle. His set is 2 swing point lighter than mine's at D3. He called his rep and we'll go from there. He'll get it taken care of as I know Titleist are always good taking care of minor issues. It's not that huge of a deal but I get tired at end of rounds as I'm not young anymore. Ha

Thanks to everyone for big help with replies.

Bill R

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Bill,  Standard swingwieght of D2 is with a DYG S300 at standard length and a standard grip.  If you specified standard swingweight at 1/4" long with a standard grip, standard swingweight would be about D3.5 +/-.5. If it is D5, we would recommend having your club set up an inspection with us to see if the swingweight could be brought down without cutting it as D5 would be out of tolerance for us. 


My club pro filled me in with what's going on. Wanted to thank you and Chad H. for taking care of this matter. 


I'd suggest giving them a try first at that weight. I've had heavier irons and lighter irons over the years, and i prefer the heavier models. I feel like i'm able to feel the club and club head more throughout the swing and make better contact that way. 

good luck with your efforts and tournament season.