Custom Ferrules on AP2s

Started by : Doug L |

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Doug L

Is it possible to get custom ferrules on the 714 Ap2s?  If like to get black with a silver ring.

Ken W

There would be a lot of orders if custom ferrules were produced and offered. It wouldn't be good in the long run for customer relations however. You would see the TT boards explode with requests about changing out classic black ferrules for other options etc. The fact is that switching a ferrule is much more labor intensive than just a reshaft since you're cleaning and reinstalling the original shaft that has a grip on it, double checking specs and any swingweight adjustments, having to make calls because someone's 8 iron shaft is bent. I can go on. Titleist's build and repair department is busy enough. Doing ferrule work is best left to a local clubmaker or custom shop that is trying to fill that niche in the market. It's a great finished product if done right though.