3 Wood vs. Hybrid

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Brandon A

Hi All,

I'm looking to round out my bag this summer and with the addition of 3 new SM5's it's pretty close to done. 

I'm looking to add either a hybrid or a 3 wood as I have in my bag now 910D2, AP2 3-9, 47,52,56. 

Theres nothing between my driver and irons. However I rarely ever use anything in that club range for a second shot. 

Should I go with a hybrid on the off chance I need to on a long par 5 and tee shots? Or a wood for those times my driver just won't work right off the tee?


Chuck Z

Love my hybrids:  I have in my bag: 10.25 driver, 14.25 FW, 17.0H, 19.0H, 24.0H, 5-Pw, 50w-55.11W....all titleist/vokey of course.....this seems to cover all my distances....probably could do away with the 17H but use it on some short par fours for accuracy when it requires a draw......us old guys rely on those H clubs.....

Gil C

Hi Brandon,

Personally I would advise you to at least have a 3 wood in your bag. In some courses(specially in par 4's) I play I just don't need the full distance that my driver provides and the 3-wood gives me a really solid contact which is usually very accurate. Even if you need a long shot but you find yourself in a narrow fairway, with for example a lake or bunkers on the side, the accuracy that the 3-wood provides might help, you may lose a few yards but you avoid a bunker or lake.

Considering hybrids you really have to try to them out, some people just don't like to hit them, others love it. 


Gil C.


Personally, I would add both of them... a 3W and a Hybird.  If my math is correct, you're carrying 12 clubs including your putter.  A 3W, IMHO, is a necessary club to have... for accuracy off the tee as well as advancing the ball on those longer par 5's.  I also like having the hybrid for the more difficult lies in rough, as well as filling the gap between your long iron and your 3W.  But that's just me... I go Driver, 3W, 19* Hybrid, then 4I on up through the rest of my irons.  I use the hybrid quite a bit off the tee on short par 4's, but then again, you carry the 3I. But IMO, as long as you have the room, I would experiment with both the 3W and hybrid and see what fits as Bubba mentioned earlier.

Good luck!

Brian Z

Reiterating much of the same sentiment, I've gone with 15 clubs in the trunk and shuffle depending on the course/game I'm playing:

913D3 7.5°

913Fd 15°

913Hd 20°

712U 21°

714 AP2 4-GW

Vokey 54° and 58°

Course and my game depending, I'll put 2 out of 3 in the bag between the fairway, hybrid, and utility club.  I've also found that with the loft adjustability on the fairway and hybrid I can really fine tune the gaps between as I want to see them.

Best of luck!

Lou G

If you put a 4 wood in there, it gives you room for a 60* wedge.   

You'll probably use the 4 wood more on the long par 5s.  Very little difference between it and a 3 wood plus it is easier to launch on the grass.

I carry a 3 wood, 7 wood and 22H for the long clubs.


Lou G

I happen to be a fan of a 7 wood because I hit it about the same distance as a 17 hybrid and I can hit it off some of the worst lies.

The gap between a 7 wood and 22H for me is 10 yards.  I have about 15 between the 3W and 7W if the former is hit properly.  The courses in San Diego have close mowed fairways so my use of a 3 wood is primarily on the edge of the rough.