Help for my Tri-Spec DCI Line Over Black Irons.

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Thomas O

Hello Titleist Loyalists.

I am new to this forum and this is my first post.  I hope you can help me.  Can anyone tell me the difference between the old Titleist TriSpec shafts in stiff and the TruTemper Dynamic Gold S300 shafts?

I have a set of of the first issue Titleist Black Diamonds with the TriSpec shafts.  I am wondering if DG S300 shafts would improve my game.  I am an 11 handicap with a fairly quick swing although I haven't had the swing measured in a while.

I hit some AP1's at a local retailer and my 4 iron was pretty much identical to my older clubs.

4 iron - 194 yard, 4 degrees of draw , 17 degree launch angle for both DCI's and for AP2 with TT DG S300 flighted shafts.

If anyone can tell me the differences between the shafts, I would appreciate it.

Secondly, if anyone can me how to get a new set of Titleist TriSpec Shaft Labels, I would be foreve greatful.  I have reconditioned my DCI's, complete with a good cleaning, light sanding with 2000 grit car detailing wet sandpaper, and a good buffing on the buffing wheel.  They are used but shine like new andI would like to re-apply the shaft labels to make them complete!

Sorry for the long post.  Thanks to all who try to help!

Kevin A

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Welcome to the forum!  The original TriSpec steel shafts were 118 grams, 1.8° torque and had a mid flex point.  The DYG S300 weigh about 127 grams, about 1.7 torque and a high flex point.  In general, the DYG will go lower, and if your swing is quick, the extra weight might help your timing.

Kevin A

bought a used set of DCI Line Over Black Irons 3-SW and the Tri-Spec labels are in rough shape and would like to replace them with original labels again.

How do I find 9 new lables for these shafts? Any help would be great.  Should I register them with your website?



Anchorage, Alaska