How to determine Vokey Wedge shaft flex?

I purchased a 48* Spin Milled Vokey Wedge from a pro shop but I can't seem to figure out how to find out what the shaft flex is? Is there any way to determine it by the serial #?

All the shaft says is True Temper Dynamic Gold


Any help would be great.


Hi John,

Yes. The serial number on the wedge will tell us what shaft is in your Vokey.  If you have a current model (red spin milled saw logo) then the stock option is the Dynamic Gold S200.  The older version (black spin milled saw logo) was stocked with the Dynamic Gold S300.  

If you provide me the serial number I can tell you which model and what specs your club was originally built with.

I recently saw a pro use a new wedge, Vokey ofcouse, with a new wood/ cane shaft with a titliest tour velvet grip... looks just great and the results looked phenominal.... where could I get one of these, want to fit it on a new 60 degree vokey...