How to determine Vokey Wedge shaft flex?

Started by : John M |

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John M

I purchased a 48* Spin Milled Vokey Wedge from a pro shop but I can't seem to figure out how to find out what the shaft flex is? Is there any way to determine it by the serial #?

All the shaft says is True Temper Dynamic Gold


Any help would be great.


Arjun D

I recently saw a pro use a new wedge, Vokey ofcouse, with a new wood/ cane shaft with a titliest tour velvet grip... looks just great and the results looked phenominal.... where could I get one of these, want to fit it on a new 60 degree vokey...

Mark L

Hi John

It would be great if you could tell me what Dynamic Gold shafts I have in my current Titleist wedges. I bought them in 2007. They are SM54/10 and SM 60/08. Both have number 143940 on the hosel. Black spin milled saw logo. Stock shaft at the time was s300 or s200 but I don't know which mine came with as standard.  

Thanks, Mark.