Exclusive details on the new Titleist 910 drivers, fairways and hybrids

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Team Titleist

As promised, we're coming to Team Titleist members first with a closer look at the Titleist 910 drivers, along with club specs and shaft options for all of the 910 series.  A special announcement will be sent via email soon.

John L

i Demo'd this club two weeks ago and it hits great just waiting for the club fitters to get a full line of shafts for fitting purposes. I have a very high swing speed and shaft weight and flex and kick point is very important for me before i purches a club. No fluff my average tee shot with a driver is in the 300s my longest recorded was 331 with 310 of that was carry. i dont get much roll off my current driver.


Can the drivers have a steel shaft or is graphite the only option? I currently play steel in my 975L-FF and love the accuracy, at the sacrifice of a few yards and would love to hit one of these with a steel shaft in them.

Aarif F

Looking to get the 910 Series Driver and the fairways...hybrids I need the a specific shaft specifications Which shaft would you recomend.

 1. Low Kick Point - High Lauch

 2. Sub 60g shaft weight

3. Torque 4.0

 Please assist me


Get the 8.5 and adjust it down to a 7.75. I think you will find it works just fine.

dominick t

Do you recall if the tip weas a .335 or a .350?  Correct me if I'm wrong but the Project X and the R.I.P. are not proprietery shafts, they're the real deal.  Thanks.

Joseph M

Is there any chance Matrix Oziks will be in the line up again as they were stock shaft options in the DComp?




Went out to the Soboba Classic Natiowide event today and got to hit one of the players 910D2. The shaft was not my favorite but the feel of the driver is much different from any Titleist Driver. Felt like it had a lot of Pop of the face. I will deffinately be ordering mine with a 60x RIP.

Chris G

with the new woods coming out, are the shafts going to be straight from the shaft companies or are they going to be "designed for titleist" and not the same shaft?

Gonzalo M

Hi, I currently have the 905R 8.5 with fujikura speeder stiff shaft and i really love it, Which one of the 910 models would be the most similar to my driver? 



Javier G

Is there a link where I can go and get the specs. on all the different shafts you offer for the new drivers, fairway woods, hybrids? Also, is there a list of fitters for all the different states? 


I have always loved Titleist irons, but never have found a Titleist driver that I truly hit well.  How is the forgiveness of the 910 D2 as compared to other manufactureres (ie Ping G15, TM Superfast)??? 

Robert M

With the recent phenomenon of custom club fitting, pushed by most brands, including Titleist.  Why is it so difficult to access the tour van, or even a qualified fitter?  I live in NJ and there are no advanced fitters in my state! I've made the move to to Titleist over the past year and would love to benefit from all the new technology, but it's seemingly impossible! Please help!

Ric Hanna

Where can I get fit with the new 910 driver in Westchester NY?  Cheers and best regards, Ric Hanna.

John A.

I was fitted with a 909 D2 10.5 deg matrix ozik code 6 shaft.  The 909 D3 10.5 kept my ball flight down & i got more carry with my 909 D2.  I hit a 910 D3 8.5 & it carried about the same as my 909 D2 10.5.  i am so curious when I get fitted if a 10.5 D3 will fit my swing having the option of adding more or less loft for max performance.