Exclusive details on the new Titleist 910 drivers, fairways and hybrids

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Team Titleist

As promised, we're coming to Team Titleist members first with a closer look at the Titleist 910 drivers, along with club specs and shaft options for all of the 910 series.  A special announcement will be sent via email soon.

Tom P

Question....I am 63 yrs old; swing speed with driver of 98-102; ranked 51st in US Sr. Am Golf so I can play (a little); I need the specs for the 910 by swing-speed (in addition to all the other presentations you all provide-which is Great!).....

Hozel fitting/torque/spring ... give that to me by driver swing speed....Me?, Ain't getting any stronger!!! 

Tom Powers

As promised, we're coming to Team Titleist members first with a closer look at the Titleist 910 drivers, along with club specs and shaft options for all of the 910 series.  A special announcement will be sent via email soon.

albert w

Because it is came out on 2010.. and thus '10' at the back

Kevin M

I bought a new 909F2 over the summer and i am for sure buying the 910 Driver and hybrid. Is there a way for me to trade the fairway wood for the new 910 while paying like half price for the new one. 

Eric H

as there been any listings of have special order shafts will be available with these 910 heads? 

Leland M

Robert M

Again, there are many questions for fitting? The titleist website is obviously pushing for this.  Why are there states that have no advanced fitters? Why pay top dollar for a club that's supposed to be fit specifically to one's swing if we can't access a legitimate fitter? Please don't reply with golfsmith or watts option, insulting.

Insulting huh?  Well i'm sure with your infinite knowledge of what's right or wrong about club fitting you'll be able to figure it out on your own.  Sorry for answering your orginal question correctly.  Instead of that why don't you just look up the next PGA event and stop in the tour van.  I'm sure they'd be more than happy to fit you and your apparently advanced needs.

Michael Y

What are the lofts in the 910 fairway woods and hybrids?  Cheers 

Robert M

The point is.... I'm not qualified to determine the correct golf club customization for my swing.  Going to a warehouse distributor for fitting advice would be like asking a nurse's aide what medication I should take for my back pain.  She may have some experience in the profession but wouldn't I rather receive a prescription from a Doc, the expert??  Therefore, it seems futile to take advise from someone who has as much knowledge of the golf swing as I do.  Perhaps Titleist could expand their efforts in making qualified fitters available to all.  

Mick L


     has the UK price for the D10 driver and subsequent fairway metal and hybrid been decided yet as I'm thinking of getting them, mainly due to wanting to get the project X shaft which I believe is going to come as standard, and a new club is almost as cheap as getting a new shaft !!


Aaron M

Was wondering when the 910 driver be available? And the aprox. cost?

Ted P

What after market shafts will be an option for the 910 drivers?  Will the Miyazaki's be an option?

Team Titleist

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of the great feedback around the 910 drivers, fairway metals and hybrids. Here are some more answers to the questions we received during the past few days.  Feel free to send along more questions as we get closer to launch date...

Q: What is the MSRP?
A: The MSRP for 910 drivers will be $450

Q: Are there an adequate number of trained fitters spread across the country? How will I know when fitters are properly trained to fit the new 910 drivers to the public?
A: All Titleist fitting accounts equipped with our SureFit Fitting Systems go through our FittingWorks University Certification course before receiving their product.  We also conduct Fitting seminars throughout the country so that our fitters will have hands on training.  We will begin shipping SureFit Systems equipped with 910 product to certified partners in November. 

To help locate a Fitting Partner, please contact 1.888.Titleist directly or you may also use www.fittingworks.com/findafitter to search for a partner nearest you.

Q: When will 910 drivers be available for left-handers?
A: Left-handed 910 drivers will be available at the same time as the right-handed versions on 11/15.

Q: Can I attend a Demo Day for the 910 drivers?
A: We will have fitting days posted on www.fittingworks.com, just use your zip code to search nearby events that may be scheduled or contact 1.888.Titleist to speak with someone directly about possible upcoming events.

Q: Will SureFit Tour hosel sleeve and ring be available to those of us who want to have more than one shaft available to trial and/or play?
A: The SureFit Tour hosel will not be available for individual sale as it is affixed to the shaft end.  However, individual shafts equipped with the SureFit Tour hosel will be available for purchase.

Q: Will a driver and fairway woods that have the same great look but don't require adjustments be made available? 
A: All 910 metals will be equipped with the SureFit Tour hosel.

Q: What has been done to the 910 driver to help me hit it longer? 

A: The SureFit Tour hosel will allow a fitter to more precisely fit you for the best head and shaft combination.  The 910 also has a redesigned face that should increase ball speed across a larger portion of the face than our previous models.  The best way to find extra yardage will be to visit your local Titleist fitting partner to optimize your driver performance.

Q: Are you allowed to adjust the SureFit Tour hosel in the middle of a round?
A: USGA rules state that the driver must stay locked in one setting for the entire round.

Q: Will the standard shaft length stay the same at 45"?  
A: Yes.  The stock shaft length is 45" for the 910.

Q: Will I be able to purchase a 910 driver but use an existing shaft?
A: Individual shafts equipped with the SureFit Tour hosel will be available for purchase, but the SFT hosel sleeve will not be sold or available individually.  There are no current plans to offer a program that would allow consumers to send in previously purchased shafts to be outfitted with a SureFit Tour hosel. 


Michael D

I am not 100% sure, but from what I have heard they will be released in mid November and be  about 400$


The 910 drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids look amazing. I had a chance to hit both the D2 and D3 drivers. The D3 looks amazing at address I cannot wait to put it in the bag. The adjustability options are very precise and user friendly. Looking forward to getting a chance to swing the fairway woods and the hybrids in the spring.

Charles T APD

Love the looks of the new 910 metals, but am not sure if the drivers and fairway clubs are for me. Every club in my bag is Titleist, irons(AP1 and love them), putter and wedges, except for my metals.  The question in my mind is I am not sure if I am good enough to play Titleist drivers or fairways, because I usually score between 85 and 95. Score varies on how well I am playing and the course I am on.   Also, not exceptionally long driving distance.  Club head speed was 91 to 94 in May of this year.

Presently I am in the market for new fairway metals.

Thank you.