Exclusive details on the new Titleist 910 drivers, fairways and hybrids

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Team Titleist

As promised, we're coming to Team Titleist members first with a closer look at the Titleist 910 drivers, along with club specs and shaft options for all of the 910 series.  A special announcement will be sent via email soon.

Alexander S

I hit the awesome 910D2 Driver last week.

I hit it 40 yards longer than my old driver.

I ordered it directly. :)

Good Work from Titleist!

Dean C

I was fitted for a driver about 3 weeks ago & was recommended to go with the Titleist 909d2 with a Matrix ozik xcon-6 stiff flex shaft. Now the 910d2 is out. Is there any difference in the club head if I were to go with the new Titleist 910d2 instead of the 909d2? I don't want to pay again to test out the new set up.

Dean C

Go to golf clubs at the top top of the home page, then go to drivers (910D2 or 910D3) and on the right listed in red is the 2011 club options. They are all listed there & they have pics of all of them too. It's hard to pick one out randomly. I would advise you to go get fitted. It will probably cost some $ but I think it is worth it if you are gonna spend big $ on a new driver.

Stephen G

Hi Titliest, I was wondering if adjusting the loft on the 910 fairway woods and hybrids will affect turf interaction at all?  Thanks!

john s

Dear team titleist,

I was wondering what the pricing will be on the 910 fairways and hybrids.


John s.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Robert,

Have you checked out the fitting works site to find the authorized Titleist fitter located nearest to you? If not here's the link:


If you've already searched, feel free to send me a personal message with some more details on where you live, what type of fitting you are looking for and I'll help you out.  

You can also call 1-888-TITLEIST to speak directly with our club concierge team and they will help point you in the right direction. 

Scott B

Can you let me know overall weight of both driver heads with shafts and without.


I'm interested in buying the 910D2 but would first like to know if its face is as deep as the 907d2 which I currently own.


ryan china m

Ok...not going to panic. ...I have used a 3 year old Burner driver, that was way too flexible.  I could pound it 290-320 consistently but hard to keep accurate because turns out my Swing Speed was 115-120. Finally got fitted at Golfsmith. They recommended the 910 D2 with the Project X 7C3 shaft. A-1 shaft. Used it today for the first time. Extremely accurate...but distance was down to 260-270 with my best drive topping out at 303.......love the accuracy ...but not the loss of 30-50 yards......I am going to try D-1 tomorrow ..but yikes am I going to lose that much distance??

ryan china m

Went back out today and had totally different experience with my 910 D-2 with project X 7C3. Set the driver to D-1. I bomb the ball today.....consistently 290-320. Not really any further than my old Burner....but way more accurate. I think I just had to get use to the additional shaft weight, head weight and size and the stiff shaft.....I think I will be even more happy after using this for a month or so.....I did not know anything about swing speed, club stiffness and flex when I bought my Burner set 3 years ago...so all my clubs are normal flex. I feel like I have been bending frisbee's around trees trying to hit targets with normal flex clubs...amazing to hit the D-2 the last couple of days properly fitted for me and watching the ball fly straight or small draw.....my next purchase will be a fairway hybrid or possibly 5 wood...Golfsmith is saying with my swing speed of 115-120 to go with 910F 19* stiff....Ahina Diamana...any thoughts?

Kevin M

I just got my D3 with the Ahina shaft and would like to say it is an amazing shaft and i strongly recommend it. I would also like to applaud titleist for how amazing there new driver and hybrids are, they are the best.

Richard N

Dear Titleist--

How come you do not make a smaller 300 cc driver for those of us that like the look and feel of a smaller clubhead??



anthony g

i don't see a problem with 911 as a name for a golf club for two good reasons. First, this is golf and not everything has to relate to American history, I understand how bad 9/11 was but it was 09/11/ 2001 not 911. Also if the reasoning behind calling it 910 was that, its  makes no sense because Britain had nothing to do with  9/11 and  if your going off 9/11 you could of had your reasoning as 911 is the Emergency Phone Number in the United States. So I feel that 911 would have been a great name for the driver and metal wood series going all with Porsche. 

Vic J

Team Titleist

As promised, we're coming to Team Titleist members first with a closer look at the Titleist 910 drivers, along with club specs and shaft options for all of the 910 series.  A special announcement will be sent via email soon.


I am 47 yeas old have a 9 handicap with a club head speed of 104km/h and i am 1.75m tall.I have purchased a 910 2 with a rip 60 2.9 stiff shaft would you think this was the right club to choos in your range.

Kind regards