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alan W

I have a set to Titlettes. They have a slight cavity back. They only say Titlette on the back and the sole.  The leading edge is rounded. they have a PW for sale on Ebay. that is the same thing.  I really need to know what year that they were made. I would also like to try and get a 3 iron and any other wedges that they made for that set.  thanks for any help that i can get

alan W

thank you for the information !   I will try to get the woods to complete the set. I am a NF-2 club builder and love to rework old clubs and take them to the course and try to shoot a round in the 70's and then put them up and try to find another set to do the same thing with.   Thanks again !  Alan

gerry p

Hi, I sm also looking for a set of the Ladies Titlette irons that have the spoon cavity back from the mid 1980's . What do you think the apporx. used cost of a set of 4-PW irons would be if I could find them. Thanks in advance.

John G

Titlettes I have a set of the wedges sand and pitching wedge blade type I assume that would be from 70's? Pitching Wedge(gold lettering) and Sand Wedge (red lettering) on sole. "Titlette" over "by acushnet on back"

Robert L

Hello, I also have a set of right handed Titlette irons(3-PW) in good conditions. I was wanting to get some info on these like model, year, and relative value. I have pics available. Thanks for any info. Robert Livas