910 drivers

Do the new 910 drivers have serial numbers on the head? thanks

On mine the serial is located on the shaft.

of course they have. you can see it near the hole to adjust the head. if your 910 driver do not have serial number, it mean you have a fake copy of 910 driver. thank you

Do ALL Titleist 910 drivers have serial #? Even the ones from the tour van?

Yes they all have serial numbers this is also how they can tell if shops are selling thier demo drivers for a profit.

Spoke with Titleist and not all 910d3 drivers have a serial#. All of the retail ones do, but one coming from a Titleist tour van may not..Reason I am investigating is I have one and I am trying to determine if it is authentic..Details looks correct as well. Even unscrewed the weight marked 7, and it weighs 7 grams.. Also, Titleist has not heard of any 910d3 counterfeits yet. nothing on the web either. I have to assume It is a Legit tour van driver unless I hear different..By the way, took it to the range and I was killing it!

I also recently bought a driver without a serial number and at first it freaked me out until I hit it and hit it great.  I mean straight as an arrow.  I just wonder if I got a hold of one of these drivers as well.  I bought it from a reputable dealer on ebay but I'm still unsure.  Can someone tell me other factors on the club to investigate to make sure I have a legit Titleist 910 D3 8.5 Degree Driver?  I switched to the D3 from the D2 and the D2 I had was ordered directly from Titleist so I'm kinda worried now that I don't have the real thing.