910 D3 Headcover Design: Difficult compared to folding design

I have had the 909D3 for about a year after playing a 983K forever. I had been holding out for Titleist to make an adjustabe driver. I guess I should have held out another year. My first impression on the range is I am going to finally be able to hit a draw with a big headed driver without having to work at it. I have the RIP Stiff with a 9.5 loft. Very solid, great trajectory. My one gripe is that the HEADCOVER is so darn hard to take off or put on. Why did Titleist go backward from the 909 folding Headcover design? Is there any chance they will make a folding 910 headcover if they hear enough negative feedback? I guess I will have to use my 909 headcover on my 910 driver as I don't want to use up all my energy taking this one off before I tee off. If Titleist starts to put out a folding design, please post so I can get one.

The new 910 headcover is actually easier to take off with the built in handle on top of the headcover.   Just put your fingers in the handle and lift off headcover.  I know Titleist switched to the sock version because they were having problems with the magnet headcovers not working well after being worn, where the magnets would not clasp together.

I recieved an email from Titleist customer service. They said they would pass on my concerns to the design team for the next gen but that there are no plans to have a folding option cover for the 910. They said the feedback from players was that most prefered the sock style for shaft protection vs the folding style on the 909. So I guess I am out of luck. I have had know problems with my magnets on the 909 cover.  I tried as you suggested when the first time I tried to take off the cover.  I was genuinely afraind that I would rip the handle off so I used two hands. However Gator, after receiving your reply, I took my club with cover on to my 25 year old golfer son. This was his first time seen the club. I asked him to take off the cover without instruction. He finally went for the handle and remarked that he was afraid he was going to rip off the handle too. He asked if there was a secret to this. He also remarked about the effort it took to put the headcover back on. It take at least 30 to 40 or more pounds of force to pull the cover off with the handle or any other way. I consider that a design flaw. I hope Titleist reconsiders and comes up with a folding headcover option for the 910 for us weaklings.

I have both the 909 and 910, and had the opposite reaction to the head covers. I like the 910 better, as you just grab the handle and pull it off.

Try moving your hands in curving motion, like following the contours of the club sole, not straight up in the direction of the shaft.  It comes off very easily

Maybe it is the wrong size as everyone else posting seems not to have a problem. I am using a D3 which I would assume has the smaller cover if there is a difference in size from the D2. Hopefully, it will stretch with use as I have only had the driver two days, one being at the range. I played a tournament today so I took the cover on and off twelve times but it did not seem to stretch. At least the stitching did not tear. I just went to my bag just now and tried it again. It only took 25#'s of force this time and I was able to do it with one hand, ha.
You got to love the looks of the 910 when setting up to the drive, so that is good. I was surprised how much more draw was produced on the range when I warmed up after changing to the B2 setting. I heard Nick Watney say he used setting that at Doral. I had to change back to the A1 before I teed off. It will take some getting use to after playing the 909 for a year but I hit some good drives considering winter came back today here in NC.

There has never been a better designed and functionally sound driver headcover then the 909 magnetic headcovers.  I have been using the original for 21/2 years and have a back up just in case. Best Headcover EVER!

Chad, I am in total agreement with you. Since my original post, I have had several replies that indicated (I must have a brain deficiency) that I may not be pulling my 910 headcover off correctly. It does not take rocket science to pull off a headcover. So possibly my 910 headcover was cut small or the stitching sewn a little tighter than it should have been. However, I agree with your assessment that the 909 magnetic headcover is the best design for a big headed driver. I am still hoping that Titleist will see the error of their ways and come up with a magnetic cover for the 910. Once again, after playing yesterday and wearing myself out pulling the 910 cover off, I am going to start using the 909 cover on my new 910. In the mean time I will keep my eyes out for a 910 cover that fits. It is disappointing in that we all like to show off our new equipment, right?

I am a huge fan of the new covers.  Nice ot have a cover that protects the shaft a bit more.  I have had no problems with the new 910 covers and very pleased with the design.

I had six of my friends take the headcover off my d2 and it took all of them 3 seconds to take it off either you have a bad headcover or your very weak

your correct

My vote goes for the 909 headcover.  I ended up picking one up for my 910 just because its not only easy to take off, but also to put on.  I would say that I like the look of the 910 better though.

I say get rid of both.  I am hoping trememdously that Titleist brings their Asian market covers to the US.  They are the pom style knit covers and they look amazing.

I also agree the new 910 head cover is not great.  While I do not find it difficult to take off, I do find it too time consuming and unattractive.  I hear people mention the sock protecting the shaft.  Well if this is true then why doesn't Titleist have sock head covers for there hybrids and irons?  The sock head cover seems to be a step backwards for Titleist, and as we have seen there are some old school people that like the vintage head covers.  But an adjustable driver is more on the cutting edge and needs a head cover to match.