I have a question referring to Lie angle. As stated in my earlier post I recently adjusted my irons 2 degrees upright. I have the 910 D2 driver would I have the to adjust the lie angle on that too? Looking at the Sure Fit chart A-2 is 1.75 degrees upright. This promotes a draw which I usually hit. Any info would be appreciated. There was a Titleist demo day set up over here in Okinawa about a week ago but due to the storm it was cancelled so I couldn't get the answer I was looking for.

Also remember that A-2 clubface is .5* open.  For a tall person that is still a fade.  D3 will promote a straight or slight draw if you are 2* upright on irons (the face angle is .5* open).

I have a 910F 19* fairway set at B3 (20.5* loft and 1/5* closed with 58.75* lie angle).  If I try to set it at A2, I'll hit the ball dead straight but it is not a clean hit.  If I try A4, I feel like I am falling on my face when setting up because the lie angle is too flat


Thanks Cathi! I will give this setting a try. 

You may actually hit a slight fade with the A2 setting.  If your optimal lie angle is 1.5* upright, the A2 setting is .5* open.

Also try D3.

Can't tell you much about drivers yet but will find out next year.  With the fairways and hybrids, you can get the lie angle in the ballpark by setting up with your normal stance.  If the lie is too upright, the club feels too long and if too flat, it feels too short.   Then you dial in your ball flight.  

My 910F 19* has a shaft length of 41.5" and B3 gives me a dead straight ball flight.  My 910H 27* has a shaft length of 38.5" and the setting is C3.  Longtime experience on fairway woods and hybrids dictated a length/lie of 41.5"/58.5* on the 5 or 7 wood and 38.5"/60.5* on a 5H.  

B3 face is 1.5* closed and C3 face is .5* closed.    


Thanks Lou I will give this a try on the range.