913 Driver Shafts

Thanks for the info.  Looking forward to putting one in my bag real soon.

I don't really see any high launch options on this list. Didn't we get a MFT Ilima choice with the 910's?

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The new shafts we will be offering are the:

+White 72, +Blue62, RIP Alpha 60, RIP Phenom 70 and the Bassara W.  All shafts, except the W will be original OEM shafts.

The new plus shafts have better feel with torque to flex matching so they will have bend profiles similar to the Ahina 70 and Kai'li 60 with torque and feel more similar to the original White board and Blue board.  These are new shafts that Mitsubishi has introduced on Tour earlier this summer and players such as Kyle Stanley, Bud Cauley and others have already put them in play.

Is it possible to buy AP2 712 Head Only (no shafts) 3-PW

I currently have the D3 913, with the Stiff blue 62+ 5cxt, I feel that the shaft is whippy around the head is theere a shaft that is still stiff but not as whippy.



Hi Mike, I am a Titleist fitter in Calgary, Canada.

Yes there are shaft options that would feel more stable but still be stiff options. You might want to try the Diamana White + in 62 or even 72 or my favorite the Aldila RIP 60 stiff. The RIP in particular seems to feel really good to most players but can really help someone who needs more shaft stability at impact.