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913 vs 910 driver

Raymond Richardson

anyone had an opportunity to swing the 913 yet? Have you found any differences between the 2?

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  1. Nate S

    The 913's are supposed to have a thinner, faster face that has more of a trampoline effect so that when you mishit it you will get more ball speed.

  2. John L

    i have hit all four heads as recent as last saturday. the D3's have simular ball flight and feel. i dont miss hit to bad to offten so i didnt notice much diffrence but the sound did change and it sounds like your hitting the ball harder. as far as the D2 line the 913 has a lower ball flight than the previous 910. for me the D2 ball flight was closer to the d3 the ball flight than the old d2. both of the new clubs performed extreamly well. i would say if your a D3 user you'll see better distance on miss hits than the previous 910 model but the D2 should actually gain distance if you used the 910 before. the 913 D2 has a slightly lower more boring trajectory than the 910 D2. and for you guys that are worried about needing a high launch still you can still adjust it to give you a higher launch.

    cheers greens and fairways to all


  3. Brian D

    Here is a quick look at both the face and sole of the new 913 D3.  I felt that when I did mis-hit the ball there was much more forgivness with the result.  I also thought there was a bit more "pop" when making solid contact.  I definetly noticed a better performance overall and the look of the club was great.

    Thanks again for Team Titleist for selecting me for such a great event.  These are special moments in my career and look forward to assisting the team whenever I can.


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