Shaft Rusting/Pitting

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James G

Hello all,

I custom ordered a set of AP1 712's through my local pro shop this past June/July and I recently noticed that there is some pitting/rusting throughout the shaft. The shafts are DG S300. I'm not sure about this as I am new to golf. Does anybody know if this is normal and I'm overreacting or is this a potential problem that should be addressed soon? Also, if this is a problem, would I contact Titleist or True Temper? 

I am very particular about my clubs and take care of them very thoroughly, therefore I'm pretty picky and observant. 

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

Cameron D


Please contact Team Titleist at 1-888-TITLEIST, so we may offer you a solution.



Don O

Do you store the clubs in the trunk of your car?  Tends to retain humidity there that can attack clubs.  I had kept mine there until an AP1 8 iron separated.  Heat and humidity could both have been contributing.  I had kept them in the trunk for several months, and all 3 days in the upper 90's during the Women's US Open.