Shaft Rusting/Pitting

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James G

Hello all,

I custom ordered a set of AP1 712's through my local pro shop this past June/July and I recently noticed that there is some pitting/rusting throughout the shaft. The shafts are DG S300. I'm not sure about this as I am new to golf. Does anybody know if this is normal and I'm overreacting or is this a potential problem that should be addressed soon? Also, if this is a problem, would I contact Titleist or True Temper? 

I am very particular about my clubs and take care of them very thoroughly, therefore I'm pretty picky and observant. 

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


Please contact Team Titleist at 1-888-TITLEIST, so we may offer you a solution.



Don O

Do you store the clubs in the trunk of your car?  Tends to retain humidity there that can attack clubs.  I had kept mine there until an AP1 8 iron separated.  Heat and humidity could both have been contributing.  I had kept them in the trunk for several months, and all 3 days in the upper 90's during the Women's US Open.