913 h-d

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Eric U

I have seen pics and have heard that the h-d would be available in this new line.  Has that changed as only the H is listed on the main Titleist site?

Christian J

I believe it was Cathi that said they are still in the process of developing a utility iron.  On the bright side, they are working on it, and it should come along sometime in the next year.  Hopefully.

Cameron D


Yes, as of right now, we will only be releasing the 913H in February. 



Kasey Y

Are there any plans to release an h-d? If so, when?


Cameron D


Yes, they will begin shipping March 15th.  Orders can be taken now through any authorized Titleist retailer.




I placed my order a couple weeks ago when I met with my Titleist rep and 3/15 is our ship date...!  Should be a great new club line~!