910D2 vs 913D2

How will the 913D2 compare to the 910D2? How will the trajectories differ or be alike? I would like to have the 910D2, but then I heard about the 913D2. Please give some feedback.


I don't know but I do recommend the 913d2 not 910 I love the 910 myself but the price is the same.

Just try out both. The 913's are coming out next month. Maybe you could try playing/hitting the 910's now then try the 913 later on. Look for a good golf shop to try them, or better yet try to locate the nearest Titleist Fitter near you.

Good luck!



the 913d2 will have similar launch and spin characteristics to the 913d3 and 910d3.  the 910d2 had a lower cg resulting in a higher launch and spin vs the d3.  titleist has redesigned the 913d2 to place the cg more inline with the d3, resulting in a lower launch and less spin than its predecessor.  with launch and spin pretty much the same, the difference between the 913 models is that the d2 is a little more forgiving whereas the d3 has greater workability.  hope this helps.