712 U Utility Irons

Started by : Nick A |

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Nick A

All I can say is.. FINALLY. Lets keep our fingers crossed that they come in Left Handed!

Christian J

Looks like Titleist has finally listened too all of you out there who wanted a utility iron, well done Titleist!  Speaking as a lefty, I wouldn't mind trying one as well.  I can almost garuntee you though they do make a LH one.

John L

OH BABY i hope this goes into protection i'll order one as soon as its avalible.

Seth D

Titleist - Please bring these to retail!!!

Warren B

Seth D

Titleist - Please bring these to retail!!!

Petition signed!

I would buy all three!

Titleist.... Please bring this to retail, left handed, in the UK and compatible with the KBS Ctaper!

Chris B

On WRX this morning........ Bring these out, I can remove the Mizzy Hi Fli from the bag. Hint Hint



Guy K

Been waiting for these babies - need an "wind effective" club in da bag to offset the Hybrid (2 or 3 U iron) send it my way!

Patrick N

Another vote for a lefty version of these hopefully they can get them on the market as quick as callaway did with their utility iron.

hopefully titleist brings these to the general public

Stephen B

As yet another leftie I would say my MP Fli-Hi could be in trouble.

Mike P.

Can anybody tell me what a u-iron is and what is the benefit of having one. Thanks

Paul T

SERIOUSLY!!! Can not wait for these to come out into production. I love utility clubs. Please hurry!!! Keep it up, Titleist. 

Kevin G

I am also a lefty, hopefully we dont get short changed like with some stuff. Could really use a club like this!


Yes! ...LEFTY also, 18 & 21 please :)

Alex S

I agree I would buy one for sure they look awesome!!

Todd C

I agree! Definitely would be an incentive to go with Titleist irons in general. The option for utility irons would be great