I need help identifying a putter

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Paul W

I picked up an Acushnet putter a while back and It's unlike any I am familiar with. The bottom is stamped with acushnet

Cory P

Does it say bullseye ? John Reuter JR?
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Cameron D


Do you have a picture of it?  There are a few different models that had "Acushnet" stamped on the bottom of it.



Tom W

Corey Pavin uses a putter that likely says ACUSHNET on the bottom. . . . 

Paul W

I tried once. I'll try again

it is a model 7-11C

Paul W

titleist told me it might be one of 3 modelsit is made out of bronze alloyand 1 of the models was made in 1970 but thye don't have pictures of the older models