Vokey wedges

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David C

I currently carry 52,56,60 vokey's.  I love them!!!  I am thinking about getting rid of my 9 iron and PW and using a 48 vokey for the wedge and a 46 vokey bent to 44 degrees for a 9-iron.  My thinking is that the more of these i can have in my bag, the more accurate I will be. 

I am curious what your thoughts are on this idea...

Eric S

if you bent a 46 degree to a 44 you would just have to make sure it is a 9 iron length. Length of club makes a difference in length of shot. Otherwise I would say it is not a bad idea.

Eric S

also check your gap between 8 and 9 to make sure you like that distance gap since a lot of 9 irons are 43 degrees.

Lou G

Also if you use AP1 the 9 iron is 41*.

My setup is 3 wedges - AP1 PW, SM4 52-12 and 60-10 (bent to 59).  I was carrying SM3 50-08 (bent to 49) and 54-14.

Brian D


Here are a few master peices from the Voke.  Special release Indigo Blue from 2011 and 2012



Skylar T

Those indigo wedges are sick.  Do you actually play them or do you just have them for a collection?

David C

Very nice!!  I like the initials as well