712U irons

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Jonathan T

So has any one heard anything else about how the tour seeding is going with the 712U irons and if they will be brought to production looking for a driving iron since my old one broke and looking for an upgrade. PLEASE bring these to the public TITLEIST. thanks

Eric S

Yes, please bring them to the public. I would love to have one for the bag. Any info?

Kevin G

Yes I agree with the previous posts. i dont want to have to buy the cally utility iron. I want to stick with Titleist.

John L

I was thinking of starting the same thread brother. I really am iching to hear any updates to this club.

Jacob L

From what I have heard from the guys on tour(I am good friends with Gary Woodland and Nick Watney) they love the driving iron. I believe now they are making a couple of final adjustments before they release them in early spring. As far as I know, the 712U is coming out. I can't wait to get my hands on one. 

John L

Don't tease me Jacob hahahahaha. i cant credit your contact claims but i'm not one to call you a liar either so in good humor i will say this. that is good news and i hope your right. now then if this club doesn't come out. (sarcasm to fallow) i shall jump you in a dark ally and beat you up for making me cry if its not released. (again that was a joke not to be viewed as a actual threat). you never know when someone might read that completely wrong you know. anyways i do hope they release it. thanks for your input jacob.

cheers greens and fairways to all.


Christian J

When this first hit TT a couple months ago, I'm pretty sure it said they would be released to the public.  I also second his mention of them making final adjustments, which was also in the story.  I would expect to see them in the Spring possibly Early Summer.  (Just an assumption for release date)