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Rob M

Dear Team Titleist.  In the beginning of the golf season I changed from another company to Titleist. I put in the 910 D3, 910 FD, and 3 910 Hybrids.  To go with my 50 and 56 degree vokeys I put the AP-1 712s in my bag 5-P.  I just want to thank you for making great equipment.  With my new bag of Titleist clubs I won this years Golf.Com World Am Championship in Myrtle Beach.


Congrats on the win.  That seems like a really good event.

Christian J

Congrats!  I'm making the gradual switch over as well.  I have the 910F in 15* & 19*, and a 52* and a 60* Vokey.  So far I am beyond impressed with the clubs, great performance and very easy to play.  Over the winter I will be saving up to buy AP1's 5-PW and a 910h 24*.  Then down the road get a 913D2.  I hit the driver this past weekend and absolutely loved it, I can't wait to have a full Titleist bag.