Titleist 913 D2 Shaft, Diamana Blue S+62 5ct

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John A

Can someone tell me what the S+  and the 5ct mean on this shaft  

Manuel M

S+ is the newer version of the shaft and the 5ct is the tip length that can be cut I believe.

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


The S+ signifies the next generation S series, which followed the original S series, also knows as the Blue Board. the 5ct is part of the "x5ct", which comes from the Mitsubishi Rayon logo.  This logo is comprised of three diamonds. Diamond weight is measured in carats and there are 5 carats in one gram. Therefore these making signify the approximate shaft weight in carats. (e.g. 63 x5ct means 63 x 5 carats = 315 carats = 63 grams).