913 F d. fairway wood

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james a

Wood I be able to use the 913 F d. off of the turf as well as off of the tee ?

Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


Yes.  It is just a lower spinning head.  You may have more success off a tee, since it is the deeper faced fairway metal, but it is designed to be played in both situations. 

james a

Thank you.

Mark V

Cameron, in comparing the F.d vs the F in  the 13.5 fairway metal, wouldn't a higher kick point shaft increase some of the launch specs in the F.d?    Or would I need increase in swing speed too?   Or it is just really a matter of preference?  I like ( and have - 910f) the smaller headed F and use it equally well of of the tee or deck.   Thanks for your advise.