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Inigo B

Hi! Thinking of moving on to a nice set of new irons as a gift to myself. I have been using the 690CB for a long time. What would be the benefits on getting the new 712 CB's as a replacement? by the way...913 D3 is awesome!


Team Titleist Club Concierge

Cameron D


The new 712 has a more superior appearance with a thinner topline and rounder head profile.  Through the compact head shape and shallower cavity, the 712 CB will offer more shot control and better feel then the 690CB.



Inigo B

Many thanks for the prompt reply. Will try to get a demo for me to hit a few balls on. Thanks

Henry R


I used to play the 690's and upgraded to the 712s a few months ago. They are a much better looking and feeling club. I can work the ball both ways a lot easier to. Definatley a great upgrade

Inigo B

Thanks for the help. Cheers